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Videos dedicated to the discussion of React and the React ecosystem.

React Conf 2021

A playlist of videos from React Conf 2021.

React Conf 2019

A playlist of videos from React Conf 2019.

React Conf 2018

A playlist of videos from React Conf 2018.

React.js Conf 2017

A playlist of videos from React.js Conf 2017.

React.js Conf 2016

A playlist of videos from React.js Conf 2016.

React.js Conf 2015

A playlist of videos from React.js Conf 2015.

Secrets of the Virtual DOM

Pete Hunt at Mountain West JavaScript 2014 discusses why a virtual DOM was built for React, how it compares to other systems, and its relevance to the future of browser technologies - (2014 - 0h44m).

Flux and Server-side Rendering

Pete Hunt discusses flux and server-side rendering in React - (2014 - 0h55m).

Rethinking Web App Development at Facebook

Facebook F8 2014 talk to learn how we abandoned the traditional MVC paradigm in favor of a more functional application architecture - (2014 - 0h44m).

Introduction to React

Stoyan Stefanov gives an introduction to React at LAWebSpeed meetup - (2014 - 0h51m).

React and Flux: Building Applications with a Unidirectional Data Flow

Facebook engineers Bill Fisher and Jing Chen talk about Flux and React at Forward JS 2014, and how using an application architecture with a unidirectional data flow cleans up a lot of their code.

Going Big with React

Areeb Malik investigates how React performs in a high stress situation, and how it helped his team build safe code on a massive scale - (2014 - 0h31m).

Rethinking Best Practices

Pete Hunt’s talk at JSConf EU 2013 covers three topics: throwing out the notion of templates and building views with JavaScript, “re-rendering” your entire application when your data changes, and a lightweight implementation of the DOM and events - (2013 - 0h30m).

High Performance Functional DOM Programming

Pete Hunt discusses high performance functional programming with React at Meteor DevShop 11 - (2013 - 0h31m).

Developing User Interfaces With React

Steven Luscher discusses developing user interfaces at Super VanJS 2013 - (2013 - 0h29m).

Introduction to React

Tom Occhino and Jordan Walke introduce React at Facebook Seattle - (2013 - 1h20m).

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